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With over 40 years of experience, Dale Campbell is a veteran of the insurance and sales industries. His diverse career has taken him from rate cards to pioneering InsurTech that simplifies the process for customers.

Dale's journey began in 1987 when he first entered the financial industry, training as a stockbroker and as an insurance  broker. He steadily grew his book of business before founding his first insurance sales agency in 1992. Over the next decade, Dale acquired other agencies and honed his skills before selling the firm to launch a new venture.

In 2003, Dale founded a group benefits brokerage that allowed him to leverage his expertise on a larger scale. As an entrepreneur, he enjoyed the challenge of building a business from scratch and helping even more clients.

Seeing an opportunity to innovate in 2007, Dale launched a pooled group benefits program. In 2020 launched the online platform ClearBenefits.ca. This technology simplified the typically complex process of underwriting, quoting & delivering group benefits for employers and employees.

As President of ClearBenefits.ca, Dale focuses on developing new programs, recruiting brokers, managing underwriting, and overseeing service and distribution. Under his leadership, the company has grown into a national provider of group benefits.

Now, Dale brings his dedication to innovation, entrepreneurship, and customer service to his newest venture - ClearSales.ca - Corporate Sales Solutions.

Launched in 2023, ClearSales.ca - Corporate Sales Solutions provides sales consulting, training, and agency services on a national scale.

With over four decades of experience, Dale Campbell's innovation continues to shape  industries and drive growth. His journey showcases how entrepreneurial dedication can build businesses from the ground up.

Dale's experience includes
  • InsurTech Development
  • Product Development
  • Group Benefits
  • Individual Benefits
  • Personal Insurance
  • Sales Agencies
  • Sales Consulting
  • Sales Training
  • Travelling Sales Rep
  • Automotive Sales
  • Industrial Supply
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
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